October 30, 2017 Che Smith

Dealing With Addictions on Tour

  • In the 3 days we’ve been on tour, there were some things I pre-promised myself to do in order to make this a safe productive experience.

    1) Workout regularly to not only keep my body fit, but perhaps come back even stronger.
    2) I want to write regularly, read some books in between flights and record new music with Jeff

    I have type 2 diabetes and the world can be a dangerous place to travel if I’m not careful.
    Out of all 3 of these goals I’ve been upholding my end of the bargain, with the exception of, guess what?
    That’s right, staying away from “The Junk”! Dammit!!!
    We landed in Dublin, Ireland and I realized Mc’Donalds had the Fried Glazed Apple Pies. A treat that was removed from the U.S. stores years ago in “The Clowns” attempt to clean up his act from all the processed meats & chicken slimes. Never-the-less I succumbed to the sugary treat so bad, I had 2 of dem’ bad boyz’ back 2 back!
    We had an amazing show at the Metropolis Festival in Dublin which “btw”, is an awesome city that I’d definetely return to even if just to party.  Remember, this tour is teaching me how to have fun again. I am an M.C. rockin’ the crowd and really enjoying this beautiful experience of world travel. The people of Dublin are friendly and super outgoing. They’re physically gorgeous and that “Fighting Irish” pride resonates from the inside out when they speak. The Irish are super proud of their culture and when DJ Fern and I went out to mingle in the crow it wasn’t long before I was being taught how to say Cheers in Irish Gaelic “SLAINTE!” Crashing our glasses together, smiling and having hearty laughs!
    Back Stage dinner was served and “What the hell”!!?? They had Delicious chef made Cheesecakes with fresh strawberries and syrup drawn elegantly across the whole plate. It was hard but thank God I passed on that. Some of our crew members decided to stop eating meat and are turning over a new leaf to be vegetarians, I jumped in and agreed to join them at least for the duration of the tour (Deep down knowing it was because I felt guilty about the super sweet waffle I had earlier).
    See what diabetics like me do sometimes is pivot to what may be an easier challenge in order to ignore, justify, or in some perverted way put a ✌🏾up to the Sugar Monster.
    If you see me out here with some Candy or sugar in my hand please hold me accountable, I may say something swift & clever in response but trust it’ll make a difference.
    I posted some Amazing pics from our night in Dublin and of course the Mc’Donalds Fried APPLE PIES got the most hits as of now lol.
    I want to live, I want to be healthy, I enjoy these new adventures and have alot to offer as well. This “sugar thing” I’m quickly realizing is not as much of a choice of self control as it is a real drug habbit. I plan to treat it as such and dedicate myself to beating both diseases: diabetes & my addiction to sugar.